Articles Related to "learning"

Peer Assessment : Learning by Judging and Discussing the Work of Other Learners

Keith J. Topping

Review: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 7

A Multi-disciplinary Empirical Investigation of Active Learning Classroom’s Effects on Student Learning

Xiaoshan Zhu Gordy, Lei Zhang, Amy L. Sullivan, Lisa Haynie, La’Toya Richards-Moore, and Jessica H. Bailey

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(1): 3

Engineering Motivation Using the Belief-Expectancy-Control Framework

Richard E. Clark and Bror Saxberg

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(1): 4

Is Being a Young Researcher Always a Positive Learning Experience ?

Lucinda Kerawalla and David J. Messer

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(2): 5