Articles Related to "Research"

Common Beliefs and Research Evidence about Dyslexic Students’ Specific Skills: Is it time to reassess…

Victor Martinelli, Doriella Camilleri, and Deidre Fenech

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(2): 4

Is Being a Young Researcher Always a Positive Learning Experience ?

Lucinda Kerawalla and David J. Messer

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(2): 5

The Development of the French Version of the Psychological Sense of School Membership (PSSM) Questionnaire:…

Jerome St-Amand, Robert Boily, Francois Bowen, Jonathan Smith, Michel Janosz, and Jérémie Verner-Filion

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(3): 3

Examining Underrepresented Minority STEM Faculty Members’ Motivation for Research

Mojdeh Mardani, Muhammad Salahuddin, Robert H. Stupnisky

Case report: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 3(1): 4