Articles Related to "participation"

Effects of Fatigue, Driving Status, Cognition, and Depression on Participation in a Chronic Sample of…

Shannon B. Juengst, Candice L. Osborne, Kimberly S. Erler, and Ketki D. Raina

Research: Phys Med Rehabil 1(1): 4

Agricultural transformation in Rwanda: Can Gendered Market Participation Explain the Persistence of…

Chantal Ingabire, Patience M. Mshenga, Michèle Amacker, Jackson K. Langat, Christine Bigler, and Eliud A. Birachi

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 4

Seed Potato Production Business through a Gender Lens

Etiang Joseph, Rose Mwesige, Sarah Kyarisiima, Ambrose Aheisibwe, Kwikiriza Gerald, Ronald Muhereze, Ronald Ayahura Kutesa, and Alex Barekye

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 5