Articles Related to "training"

Impact of Perturbation-Based Balance Training on Functional Outcomes in a Patient with Chronic Incomplete…

Taylor Drake and J.J. Mowder-Tinney

Case report: Phys Med Rehabil 1(1): 2

Improved Batting Performance through a Novel Resistance Training Program

David T Burke, Tracie McCargo, Regina Bell, Daniel P. Burke and Cleo D. Stafford II

Research: Phys Med Rehabil 1(1): 5

Discrete Trial Teaching: A study on the comparison of three training strategies

Nichola Booth and Michael Keenan

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(2): 3

‘Women Helping Women’: Domestic-skills Training for Unwed Mothers

Simone M Caron

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 2

Exploring the Experiences of Female Graduate Students in African Universities: Questions about Voice,…

Phil E. Okeke-Ihejirika, Sibusiso Moyo, and Henriëtte Van Den Berg

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(3): 1