Articles Related to "women"

The Role of Metastasectomy in Women with Solitary Metastatic Breast Cancer Recurrence

Patrick Mun Yew Chan, Sherwin Kuah, Mui Heng Goh, Sarah Qinghui Lu, Juliana Jia Chuan Chen and Ern Yu Tan

Research: Cancer Stud 1(1): 5

Exploring self-medication practices and managing health among Pakistani immigrant women in the United…

Umber Shahid, Sheryl A. McCurdy, Maria E. Fernandez-Esquer, and Luiza Franzin

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 6

Agricultural transformation in Rwanda: Can Gendered Market Participation Explain the Persistence of…

Chantal Ingabire, Patience M. Mshenga, Michèle Amacker, Jackson K. Langat, Christine Bigler, and Eliud A. Birachi

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 4

Women's marital liberty and the missing negative right in article 23 of ICCPR

Ya'arit Bokek-Cohen

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 3

‘Women Helping Women’: Domestic-skills Training for Unwed Mothers

Simone M Caron

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 2

Gauging Eve: A Study on the Effect of Appearance Cues on the Attitude towards Women

Ahana Lahiri, Deepshikha Prasad, Mrittika Chatterjee, Nayanika Kamaraj, and Sidra Aaisha Siddiqui

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(3): 5

Special Issue: Women and Gender Relations during the Pandemic in Morocco

Moha Ennaji

Research: Gender Women Stud 4(1): 3

Prevalence and associated factors of Female genital mutilation among reproductive age women’s of Wolayita…

Bargude Balta Anjulo, and Amanuel Fanta Lambebo

Research: Gender Women Stud 5(1): 1