Articles Related to "COVID-19"

Multiple Arrhythmias in COVID-19 Patients: A Case Series

Savalan Babapoor-Farrokhran, Zachary Port, Deanna Gill, Zaid Ammari, Sumeet Mainigi, and Aman Amanullah

Case report: Ann Cardiol 1(1): 2

Planning for Teacher Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Adaptive Regulation to Promote Resilience

Lesley G. Eblie Trudel, Laura J. Sokal, and Jeff C. Babb

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 3(1): 1

Feasibility of a Group-based Telerehabilitation Intervention for post-COVID Condition Management

Meredith F. King, Anthony Byrne, Linda Denehy, Petra L. Graham, Benjamin Douglas, Priscilla de Toni, Angelo R. Santos, Emily Kitson, Alison Pang, Elena M. Bartos, Marshall Plit, Sean F. Mungovan

Research: Phys Med Rehabil 2(1): 5