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The U.S. Coast Guard Academy American Service Academies Program Symposium: Advancing Leadership through…

Alina M. Zapalska, Erik Wingrove-Haugland, and Abram Trosky

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 1

Advancing Effective Leaders: An Example of the Management Education at the US Coast Guard Academy

Alina M. Zapalska, Mike McCarty, Kimberly C. Young-McLear, and Tyler Kelley

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 2

The Effect of Conceptions of Assessment upon Reading Achievement: An Evaluation of the Influence of…

Gavin T.L. Brown and K. Frank Walton

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 3

The Relative Importance of Parental Numerical Opportunities, Prerequisite Knowledge and Parent Involvement…

Annelies Ceulemans, Elke Baten, Tom Loeys, Karel Hoppenbrouwers, Daisy Titeca, Sofie Rousseau, Annemie Desoete

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 6

Involvement of Regucalcin in Human Carcinogenesis Prevention

Masayoshi Yamaguchi

Review: Cancer Stud 1(1): 2

Peer Assessment : Learning by Judging and Discussing the Work of Other Learners

Keith J. Topping

Review: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 7

Persistent Risk for HBV Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma in spite of Sustained and Successful Viral…

Shady Guirguis, Richard Hann and Hie-Won Hann

Editorial: Cancer Stud 1(1): 3

The Role of Negative Behavior on Children’s Academic Performance in Early Childhood Education

Lori A. Smolleck and Christine G. Duffy

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 8

Bias Reduction Rates for Latent Variable Matching versus Matching through Manifest Variables with Measurement…

Qiu Wang, Richard T. Houang and Kimberly S. Maier

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 9

Relationships with Teachers and Achievement Motivation in the Context of the Transition to Secondary…

Roch Chouinard, Normand Roy, Isabelle Archambault, and Jonathan Smith

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(1) : 1

Upward, Downward, and Horizontal Social Comparisons: Effects on Adjustment, Emotions, and Persistence…

Sonia Rahimi, Nathan C. Hall, Hui Wang, and Rebecca Maymon

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 1(1): 10

Baseline Detection of Potential Cancer Biomarkers with Linear Models from Microarray Experiments

Eulisa M. Rivera, Zahira I. Irizarry, Matilde L. Sánchez-Peña, M. Cabrera-Ríos and C.E. Isaza

Short Communication: Cancer Stud 1(1): 4

The Role of Metastasectomy in Women with Solitary Metastatic Breast Cancer Recurrence

Patrick Mun Yew Chan, Sherwin Kuah, Mui Heng Goh, Sarah Qinghui Lu, Juliana Jia Chuan Chen and Ern Yu Tan

Research: Cancer Stud 1(1): 5

Engineering Motivation Using the Belief-Expectancy-Control Framework

Richard E. Clark and Bror Saxberg

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(1): 4

Evaluation of a Web-based Self-compassion Intervention to Reduce Student Assessment Anxiety

Kirsten McEwan, James Elander and Paul Gilbert

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(1): 6

Ayurvedic Dietary Principles in Prevention and Management of Diabetes: A Review

Mukesh Edavalath

Review: Endocrinol Diabetes Obes 1(1): 2

Pierre Robin Sequence- Manifestation and Case Report

Eliyahu Mass, Shelly Segal,Yael Arieli, and Uri Zilberman

Case report: Oral Health Dent Stud 1(1): 4

Assessment of Size, Shape, and Position of Palatal Rugae: A Preliminary Study

Bruno Nehme Barbo, Fabiane Azeredo, and Luciane Macedo de Menezes

Research: Oral Health Dent Stud 1(1): 3

Effect of GH Treatment on Coagulation Parameters in Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency

Fotini-Helen Karachaliou, Helen Pergantou, Athina Dettoraki, Evangelia Boudouvi, Maria Kafetzi, Aspasia Fotinou, Vassiliki Papaevangelou, Helen Platokouki

Research: Endocrinol Diabetes Obes 1(1): 4

Indirect Calorimetry for Energy Requirement Measurements in Children with Hepatic Glycogen Storage Disease…

Edyta Szymanska, Ewa Ehmke vel Emczynska, Dariusz Rokicki, Anna Tylki-Szymanska, and Janusz Ksiazyk

Research: Endocrinol Diabetes Obes 1(2): 2

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Experimental Antifungal Denture Base Resins

Kyle Maldonado, David Xu, Yapin Wang, Jian-Feng Zhang, Suleiman Hamdan, Zezhang T. Wen, Paul L. Fidel Jr, Mairi C. Noverr and Xiaoming Xu

Research: Oral Health Dent Stud 1(1): 5

A Framework for Critical Thinking Skills Development Across Business Curriculum Using the 21st Century…

Alina M. Zapalska, Srinivas Nowduri, Peter Imbriale, Ben Wroblewski, and Mike Glinski

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(2): 2

Exploring self-medication practices and managing health among Pakistani immigrant women in the United…

Umber Shahid, Sheryl A. McCurdy, Maria E. Fernandez-Esquer, and Luiza Franzin

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 6

Morocco’s Experience with Gender Gap Reduction in Education

Moha Ennaji

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 5

Agricultural transformation in Rwanda: Can Gendered Market Participation Explain the Persistence of…

Chantal Ingabire, Patience M. Mshenga, Michèle Amacker, Jackson K. Langat, Christine Bigler, and Eliud A. Birachi

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(1): 4

Women's marital liberty and the missing negative right in article 23 of ICCPR

Ya'arit Bokek-Cohen

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 3

‘Women Helping Women’: Domestic-skills Training for Unwed Mothers

Simone M Caron

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(2): 2

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Disease: A Literature Review

Patricia Y. Talbert and Marquise D. Frazier

Commentary: Cancer Stud 2(1): 4

The Making of Relatives: Creating a home away from Home for American Indian Pre-Service Teachers at…

Jioanna Carjuzaa, Bill Mendoza, and Terry Bradley

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(3): 2

Gauging Eve: A Study on the Effect of Appearance Cues on the Attitude towards Women

Ahana Lahiri, Deepshikha Prasad, Mrittika Chatterjee, Nayanika Kamaraj, and Sidra Aaisha Siddiqui

Research: Gender Women Stud 2(3): 5

The Development of the French Version of the Psychological Sense of School Membership (PSSM) Questionnaire:…

Jerome St-Amand, Robert Boily, Francois Bowen, Jonathan Smith, Michel Janosz, and Jérémie Verner-Filion

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(3): 3

Special Issue: Women and Gender Relations during the Pandemic in Morocco

Moha Ennaji

Research: Gender Women Stud 4(1): 3

Teacher Enthusiasm, Supportive Instructional Practices, and Student Motivation in Mathematics Classrooms

Marthe C. Frommelt, Ulrich Schiefele, and Rebecca Lazarides

Research: Interdiscip Educ Psychol 2(3): 5

Proposed Person-Specific Treatment Pathway for Cardiovascular Metabolic Renal Disease & Implications…

Michael Attanasio, Megan Santanna

Research: Endocrinol Diabetes Obes 2(1): 2

Prevalence and associated factors of Female genital mutilation among reproductive age women’s of Wolayita…

Bargude Balta Anjulo, and Amanuel Fanta Lambebo

Research: Gender Women Stud 5(1): 1